Why Smart HRM is the Best HR and Payroll Software !

We developed this software with collaboration of the highly experienced HR Executives who are leading the industry. We got just what your organization needs.

Fully Customized

Choose the type of automation your business needs like Real Time Attendance, HR Loans, Increment Management, Late Management, Leave Management etc. without any errors.

Automated & Error Free

We made this software very user friendly & easy to use. You & your executivescan operate this without any hassle. We have also applied a Security & Multi-Level Approval System to keep your data more secured.

Easy To Use & Secure

We Make this Software User Friendly & Easy to Use. You & Your Executive Operate this Software Without Hassle free. We also apply full Security & Multi-Level Approval System.

Best HRM Software in Bangladesh !

Smart HRM is one of the Best HR & Payroll Software in Bangladesh. The slick design of the user interface & the overall performance of the software is very good in comparison with the software’s that are available in the market. The software keeps a track of the of basic salary of an employee,payroll management, leave, attendance, loans, increment of salary, late management etc.

Employee management plays an important role in an organization. An employee can submit detailed reports through this software. As an admin, you can maintain the database of all employees pretty easily. You will not look for that file cabinet ever again because of this software.

We have added several separate modules, which makes Smart HRM one of the best HR & Payroll software in Bangladesh. Considering the different types oforganization small, medium and large to be precise, we have created the software. The software is so easy to use anyone can use it. With this software you can save your money, time and improve your entire organization with precision and accuracy of error free information.That’s why we built this quality and easy to use SMART HR& Payroll Software to meet the needs of every organization.

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HR & Payroll Software Features

Well over the past decade HRM Software’s have become an absolute necessity for any corporate organization in the world. Without the help of these software’s a huge amount of workforce and time was being wasted over the years. But now every corporation relies heavily on these software’s because of their user friendly and reliable features. Here are some of the features of our Smart HR& Payroll.

  • Automatic Attendance identification and Leave Management.
  • Faster Attendance process and payroll create.
  • HR manager Approval.
  • Self-services of Company employees.
  • Dynamic Reporting system.
  • Eliminates human errors.
  • Document Management.
  • Performance Evaluation.
  • Managing the type of work of employees.
  • Benefits of multi-layer access and limitless user.
  • Limitless business intelligence reports.
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Smart HRM Screenshots

We have designed the software in an easy way. So that your HR manager and Employ can easily understand it.

Features of HR Payroll System

There are many significant features of HR & Payroll System Software.

HR Setup
  • Off Day Setup
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Department &Designation
  • Salary Grade & Gazzate
  • Shift Management
Employee Information
  • Employee Profile Input
  • Employee Data upload System
  • Category wise employee list
  • Employee bio-data/ Profile
Salary Setup
  • Salary Basic Entry
  • Gazette Wise Salary Distribute
  • Bank & Cash Salary
  • Provision & Permanent Salary Setup
Leave Management
  • Leave Type Management
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Recommendation & Approval
  • Leave Cancel & Report
Short Leave Management
  • Short Leave Setup
  • S. Leave Recommendation & Approval
  • Short Leave Adjustment
Attendance Management
  • Real Time Attendance
  • Attendance Manual Entry
  • Employee Out Work Entry
  • Attendance Report
Late Management
  • Late Configuration
  • Late Deduction
  • Late Deduction List
  • Advance Disbursement
  • OT Hour Disbursement
  • Arrear Disbursement
  • Income Tax Disbursement
HR Loans Management
  • Loan Create With Installment
  • Loans Approve
  • Loan Disbursement
Increment Management
  • Eligible Setup
  • Increment Create
  • Increment Disbursement
  • Increment List
Bonus Management
  • Attendance Bonus Setting
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Festival Bonus Disbursement
  • Bonus Out with Bank & Cash
  • Salary Process & Generate
  • Salary Sheet with pay slip and without pay slip
  • Pay Slip & Bank Sheet
  • Late Deduction

Here is a demo about our Smart HRM Software. Hopefully from the video you will be able to understand how the software works. The Smart HR & Payroll software is customizable. If you want any other option you will be able to customize it by contacting us.

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HRM Software

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Affordable Price

We sell Standard and Qualitative HRM software in relatively low prices. We believe that, if you buy the software at this price from us, you will never be disappointed. This Pricing Packages Only for Web based Version customizable & Multi-unit Multi user.

Pre-paid Monthly Subscription System

Package Name Employees Monthly Subscription Order Now
Starter 10-25 2,000 Order now
Basic 26-60 3,000 Order now
Advanced 61-100 3,500 Order now
Premium 101-300 4,500 Order now
Gold 301-1000 5,500 Order now
Diamond 1001-8000 8,000 Order now

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an HRM software?
An HRM system, or HRM software, is designed to automate human resource business processes, transactions, payroll, and compliance. HRM systems allow companies to focus on people management by streamlining all workforce software into one business intelligent solution.
In what type of businesses can HRM software be used for?
An HRM software can be used for all types of businesses/companies such as small, medium and large scale companies.
3. Is and HRM Software beneficial for a company?
HRM software’s are very beneficial in case of every organization. It can save a lot of time and manpower for the company
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